10 Handy Tips When Setting Up A Home Office…

When thinking about setting up an office at home in a spare room or study there are many considerations before transforming the room –

  • Make a list of your immediate home office needs, it is important to think about all the ways in which you plan to use the home office space..
  • Invest in the right home office equipment, money should be spent on a good desk with proper work space; a comfortable chair  which provides back support is an essential, a computer with efficient memory and performance, a speedy Internet connection and any specialised equipment that is necessary for performance in your area of expertise.
  • Balance workspace and storage requirements, utilise the space.
  • Separating the space, when working from home, it is important to keep your personal life from spilling over into your business life (and vice versa).

For the full 10 tips see –http://consulting.about.com/od/gettingstarted/tp/CF_FirstHomeOffice1107.htm

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