Bentley Originals – The best of the best

Our New Bentley Originals grooming set has gone from strength to strength in the last few months thanks for lot’s of great reviews.

Designed following extensive research, these traditional brushes benefit from natural bristles and FSC materials, making them a timeless and unique range, and wooden handles to deliver quality products with longevity.

Our most recent review has come from AP Equire and they gave us a solid 5 out of 5 rating! Here’s what they had to say…

Today we tested the Bentley Brushware deluxe wooden grooming kit

I was very impressed with the selection of brushes we received from this set . They are of fantastic quality , feel lovely to hold and really do make the horse shine.

We started off with the rubber curry comb which massively helped my horse with his shedding coat.
We then moved onto the dandy brush which flicked away the dirt and then onto the body brush which bought the shine out of him. Both these brushes had some very good quality bristles on and are made of very smooth wood which makes them comfy and easy to hold.
We then tested another brush similar to the first dandy brush but the bristles were softer so I brushed his face with it and he almost fell asleep.
Lastly we tested the mane and tail brush which doubles up as a massage brush – as you can see in the video he absolutely loved it !

Overall l think the video speaks for itself ( sorry the quality wasn’t fantastic today but the light was in an awkward position ).

I would recommend this grooming set to anyone. It even comes with its own carry bag and some extra brushes !

Retails at approximately £49.99 and includes the following

• Body brush
• Dandy brush
• Flick brush
• Face brush
• Mane & tail brush
• Sweat scraper
• Hoof Brush
• Cactus mitt
• Curry comb
• Deluxe carry bag with handle

The only thing I feel they could have added to the kit was a hoof pick but this product is great value for money, does what it says on the tin and looks extremely smart


To view the range click here.