8 Essentials To Take On Your Camping Trip

With it almost being time to start booking your holidays you probably have an idea on where you want to spend your time off this summer. If you’ve haven’t been camping before or haven’t been in a while you may not know what essentials to take with you to get the most out of your holiday. We have put together a list of 8 must-haves to take on holiday with you to give you the most comfortable and enjoyable holiday you can have


1. Tent:

The first essential when going camping is making sure you have shelter and somewhere comfortable to sleep and with our Charles Bentley 6-8 Person Camping Set you really can sleep peacefully. This tent can sleep up to eight people giving you plenty of room if going camping with a large family or going to a festival with friends. With 5 windows you can let the sunlight in on those sunnier days whilst the time it takes to put this tent up is only thirty minutes making this a must have for your camping experiences.



2. Camping light and power bank:

When going camping it’s always ideal to take a light or torch with you for when you might need it. With many torches running out of batteries and being unreliable our Charles Bentley portable camping light with power bank is perfect for your trips. This device has an extensive range of benefits and can charge other electrical devices from the lamp with its 3in1 cable that comes with the lamp.



3. Folding festival trolley:

Handy for carrying around camping utensils, taking to the beach or carrying picnics our Charles Bentley folding festival trolley is the perfect camping essential. This trolley easily folds away making it easy to store away or put in the back of a car, making it easy to take around with you.


4. Camping furniture set:

When the sun is shining and the weather heats up it’s always nice to sit outdoors. Convenient to store away and easy to carry around, our Charles Bentley foldable camping table and chairs is perfect for spending time in the sunshine during your holiday. This set ultimately folds up whilst the chairs fit inside the table making the benefits of this set endless.

5. Pair of reclining chairs:

With a pair of reclining chairs you are not restricted. Perfect for camping and enabling you to lie back and relax on your holiday, our Charles Bentley zero gravity reclining chairs will give you the relaxation that you’re after. These chairs are foldable making them great for taking around with you.



6. Air bed mattress:

For added comfort when going camping or simply to add additional sleeping space, our queen sized airbed mattress is a must have when going camping. This bed not only adds comfort but is extremely convenient to take around with you as it can easily be compacted into its travel bag and with its built in pump, taking this on holiday with you couldn’t be any easier.


7. Portable BBQ:

Barbeques outdoors are perfect for camping and caravanning. With our Charles Bentley portable charcoal BBQ with a grill included, making tastier evenings on holiday couldn’t be easier. Small in size and compact makes transporting this around with you trouble-free.


8. Picnic basket:

When the weather is nice and we are on our holidays, it’s always nice to enjoy our lunch somewhere outside. Whether it’s at the beach or in a park, you will need a picnic basket to pop all of your essentials. With our Charles Bentley picnic baskets you can be sure that you have everything you need for a tasty and successful picnic!