Autumn Garden Tidy Top Tips

  • Now we are almost half way through October the leaves have started to change colour and fall off the trees. It is the perfect time to prepare for any frost in the garden and do some tidying. Here’s some Autumn garden pointers from BuyDirect4U:
  • Prepare cuttings for growing plants, keep them in pots on your windowsill until next year.
  • Begin planting – bulbs and plants will definitely benefit from the chance to get rooted in early
  • Give your lawn a good rake even though those fallen leaves may look nice, clearing them will protect your lawn from any water logging. As well as clearing leaves from the lawn ensure any pathways, decking and patios have also been cleared up as these could be hazardous. A leafblower would be handy for doing this job quickly and making it less manual.
  • Get that final mow of the year in before the weather really starts to change
  • Bring some plants back indoors
  • Keep your garden looking tidy with a wooden bin store or log store