BBQ’s: Gas vs Charcoal

With the temperatures set to rise this weekend having a BBQ is an essential for spending time in the sun outdoors. If you’re undecided about which you prefer, we can help you decide… below is a list we have put together of the pro’s for using both Gas BBQ’s and Charcoal BBQ’s.

Gas BBQ’s

Great for when you need heat quickly and cooking for larger groups

Multiple burners equal variable heat settings, ideal for cooking food at different temperatures

If you cook BBQ’s regularly, a Gas BBQ would be the cheaper option

Easy to clean

Charcoal BBQ’s

If you enjoy the taste of flame-grilled food and the aroma

Portable and easy to move, often lighter than Gas BBQ’s

If you don’t have a BBQ often than a Charcoal BBQ could be the cheaper option

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