The Best Gardening Tools

The Independant has published an article on the 13 best gardening tools out there! Our national trust garden tools have been featured at no.5 and no.11! You can read the article yourself here

Here’s what they had to say about our great products!

“5. Bentley National Trust Lawn & Leaf Rake: £24.99,

Traditionally styled with a solid ash handle, this has a decent sized head for gathering leaves and garden detritus from tricky border areas, and the robust steel tines will make short work of scarifying your lawn come autumn.”


“11. Bentley National Trust Edging Knife: £19.99,

An essential tool for sculpting neat lawn edges, where the concave shape of a spade head just won’t cut it. Utilise the footstep to penetrate hard ground; use a jabbing motion to shape softer turf.”

We are pleased that our customers are enjoying the quality of our products and it makes us proud to be able to share such positive reviews with you. You can view the whole national trust tool range here.