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Hello, and welcome to my first blog post!

If you are reading this, i hope to entertain you with how BuyDirect4U have started from small beginnings to become a leading UK and European, import of own branded, Home, Garden & Leisure products.

In 2004, and after finishing university where i met my now wife and mother to my 2 delightful children, Charlie and Olivia Steel, i started working for my father in law, Charles Bentley, selling products from Charles Bentley and Son, a 5th generation family business in Loughborough, Leicestershire which is a leading brushware and household cleaning products manufacturer and importer. Charles, asked me to help the business with some marketing tasks (or perhaps it was me that kept asking him to give me a job) We had brought and sold a few bits on ebay and i started listing a few Horse Grooming products from a new Bentley range. Over the last few months of 2004, i was pretty confident that this was one direction the business needed to grow into as there was little online presence with the business at this time.

At the start of 2005, we set up our first direct sales website and decided to call it BuyDirect4U, the logic being we would approach suppliers sourcing good quality products direct from manufacturers factories, selling directly to the customer, only online, thus cutting out all costs and offering the best possible price, something that remains as our foundations today.

Utilising the logistical and storage facilities of an already established company, we started building ranges of products from sporting goods to home and garden products, offering customers a truly irresistible price for the great quality item which sometimes would have cost twice as much in a traditional store, using our own Bentley family name on many of our products.

Over the last few years, we have listed products on eBay & Amazon UK and Europe and have the 3rd generation of our current website in development to offer customers an even better shopping experience.

In 2010, i visited China for the first of what has now become a bi annual product sourcing and supplier relation mission, attending many trade exhibition as well as personally visiting every single factory we source products for.

All our products are sourced from audited factories, many of which are manufacturing the worlds brands. Its an amazing experience watching our Bentley name being printed onto products rolling off the production line of brands likes of John Lewis, Jamie Oliver, Outback & Dewalt to name a few as well as the worlds largest retailers such as Tesco, Walmart & Carrefour. We have confidence in all our products quality and value against both the top retail own brands and against Branded rivals being manufactured in the same factory’s.

We pride ourselves on customer service and have recently set up an independent review site on where customer can leave comments both positive and negative, which i personally see each day to help improve our products and service.

My aim in the next few years is to widen our product offering and become the UK’s leading own label online retailer of Home, Garden & Leisure products at discount prices.

I hope my blog post has been interesting and giving you an incite as to where BuyDirect4U has come from, our mission and where we strive to get to in the future.

Happy Shopping!

Andrew Steel

Founder of

Our 25,000SQFT warehouse, offices & showroom.

Our 25,000SQFT warehouse, offices & showroom.