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Grow your own vegetables this March

Growing your own fruit, vegetables or herbs can save you money, provide a way for you to have really fresh organic food for your family, allows you to eat seasonally and enables you to get the kids involved with the growing process.

The Royal Horticultural society have a planner which will help you decide what to do and when in the veg garden. When to sow and when to harvest, there’s plenty to sow outdoors in March from carrots, broccoli, leeks, onions, parsnips, peas, broad beans, beetroot and tomatos.

For more growing tips and ideas and for your free veg planner download from – http://www.rhs.org.uk/gardening/grow-your-own

At BuyDirect4U we have a variety of cold frames, planters, trellises and other garden décor and landscaping products from as little as £19.99 to assist you with growing your own this Spring.

Wooden Wheel Planter Trough

Wooden Wheel Planter Trough 2


Wooden Large Double Cold Frame With Shelves

Bentley Garden Wooden Large Double Cold Frame With Shelves


Wooden Raised Vegetable & Flower Planter

Wooden Raised Vegetable & Flower Planter 2


 Wooden Garden Work Potting Bench

Wooden Garden Work Potting Bench 2