The Independant – Best Picnic Rucksacks

The Independant just did a feature on the best picnic rucksacks on the market. We had ours ranked at 3 out of 11! At only £19.99 our Bentley Explorer picnic rucksack is a fantastic buy!

Here’s what the Independant had to say…

“Available in either red or blue, this is a comprehensive rucksack for the price tag and there’s even a bottle cooler on the side to keep your wine cold and your food un-squashed. The melamine accessories aren’t the best quality, so might need replacing at some point, but they do the job and include extras like cheese knife and board.”

Buy now in time for the summer weather and you’ll be raring to go as soon as the summer sun arrives. You can check out our picnic rucksack/basket range here!