Tackle the big spring clean with our handy tips

Do you need an easy way to tackle the spring clean? Online home and garden retailer BuyDirect4U.co.uk has all the tools and tips you need to make light work of the big clean, so you can banish dust, dirt and bacteria with the latest products and traditional techniques.

Charles Bentley Heritage cleaning caddy

Traditional cleaning methods are still hailed as the best way to tackle dirt around the home. Charles Bentley’s Heritage collection is based on traditional designs to make easy work of cleaning. The tools included in the Heritage cleaning caddy are built to last and promise to add a cool retro vibe to the weekly clean. The ostrich feather duster is a natural alternative to the static cloth, effortlessly attracting small dust particles, while the scrubbing brush and pot scrubber feature stiff bristles for removing dried on dirt. Priced at £12.99.

BuyDirect4U’s top tip

The Heritage caddy’s pot scrubber comes in handy for cleaning dirty pans. Warm up white vinegar and water to loosen dried on dirt, before rubbing bicarbonate of soda around the pan with the scrubber. The result? A sparkling clean finish.

Mop and broom holder

Where do you store brooms, mops and dustpans when they are not being used? This handy mop and boom holder can be used in the kitchen, utility room or in storage spaces to keep everything tidy, while ensuring germs cannot fester. It is also handy for stopping the bristles on brooms and brushes from losing their shape. Priced at £8.99.

BuyDirect4U’s top tip

Do you find your mop makes bad smells linger? Instead of letting damp mops harbour bacteria and nasty smells, wash in a solution of hot water and vinegar after use, then rinse until clean and hang up to dry. It banishes bad smells and will help to lengthen the life of your mop.

Charles Bentley microfibre triangle mop

Designed to tackle corners and hard to reach areas, the Bentley microfibre triangle mop effortlessly picks up dust and dirt without the need for detergents – perfect for those who want a spot-free home, without having to rely on chemicals. It is also great at tackling wooden and laminate floors, which may look chic, but sure like to show up dust. Priced at £7.99.

Charles Bentley Heritage radiator brush

When was the last time you cleaned behind your radiators? The Heritage radiator brush from Charles Bentley makes those hard to reach places much easier to clean. With a long, flexible wire, small brush head and wooden handle, it is perfect for dusting small spaces. Measures 76cm. Priced at £7.99.

Charles Bentley lint brush

The Bentley home lint brush is a handy tool that makes light work of picking up fluff and pet hair from clothes, but it can also be useful when it comes to cleaning the home. Priced at £6.49 for a pack of six.

BuyDirect4U’s top tip

Lamp shades can be tricky to clean with a duster, so use a lint brush instead. Simply brush over surfaces to pick up dust quickly and easily, both inside and out.

Pot sponge and scourer

The humble pot sponge and scourer is an affordable and useful tool for a multitude of cleaning jobs. Add a pack of 12 to your cleaning supplies for just £10.99.

BuyDirect4U’s top tip

Tackle almost any job affordably and effectively with a pot sponge and scourer, a splash of hot water and a sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda. With its abrasive and deodorising properties, bicarbonate of soda easily takes on grease and stains, from removing coffee mug stains to wiping crayon off walls, cleaning oven grease to giving your kitchen and bathroom a sparkling finish. Sponges can also be soaked in bicarbonate of soda after use to add freshness and eliminate smells.

Charles Bentley bendy squeegee

For effortless window cleaning, invest in a Charles Bentley bendy squeegee. With an extendable and flexible handle, sponge head and squeegee edge, cleaning those hard to reach areas has never been easier. Handle extends from 70cm to 115cm. Priced at £6.99.

BuyDirect4U’s top tip

Forget cleaning your windows with soapy suds. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar to a bucket of warm water for a gleaming, streak-free finish.

Dip San – the hygienic toilet brush

We all know cleaning the loo is the least favourite household chore, but when was the last time you cleaned your loo brush? Now you can banish bacteria, odour and unsightly dirt and love your loo with Dip-San, which promises a hygienic alternative to the traditional toilet brush thanks to a reservoir of fluid that cleans the brush after every use. Priced at £24.99.

Charles Bentley Heritage broom set

With this two broom Charles Bentley Heritage set, Bentley offers a sweeping solution for inside and outside the home. The soft coco fibre broom has been specifically designed for sweeping up fine debris within the home and is ideal for tiled or hardwood floors, while the durability of the stiff natural bassine broom makes it perfect for sweeping up larger debris outside. Made with FSC approved wood and natural bristles for longevity, they are a great investment for £11.99.

BuyDirect4U’s top tip

Tap your broom on the floor after every few sweeps. It ensures the dirt and debris trapped in the broom are released into the pile, rather than moved back to the area you are sweeping.

This collection of products is designed and manufactured by Charles Bentley & Son, which has over 155 years of specialist industry and product experience.