Telescopic ladders; why every home should have one


Man Hanging Christmas Lights

It’s that time of the year, when everyone is thinking about the awkward task of getting their Christmas decorations down from the attic and hanging up the lights outside. This year instead of getting a massive ladder, unstable step ladder or a dining chair, why not give a telescopic ladder a try? Due to their sleek design they can be used for many different jobs and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Do you think telescopic ladders are unsafe or unreliable? Your wrong – Telescopic ladders are just as safe as standard ladders and are actually safer than conventional wooden ladders. Using a telescopic ladder around the home is highly practical for carrying out everyday tasks.

So why buy a telescopic ladder?

The main advantage of telescopic ladders are that they are very easy to store away, unlike conventional ladders. Their sleek design means that they can be easily folded down to the size of a small deck chair. Ideal for a small storage cupboard, shed or even a car. Crafted from aluminium, these durable telescopic ladders are lightweight, easy to transport and are ideal for both domestic and commercial use. Featuring a rust-free aluminium surface, these ladders will provide long lasting use. Designed with safety in mind, our telescopic ladders conform to GPSD & EN131-1, EN131-2, and EN131-3 standards.

Charles Bentley 3.8m telescopic ladderHow to do telescopic ladders work?

The innovative design of telescopic ladders means that each individual section collapses down to the section below it. Each rung sits on top of the next rung and the whole section collapses down to around 90cm. When fully retracted the ladder will easily fit into small spaces such as cars, garages and small cupboard. The ladders can be used at any required height – just open it up to the appropriate height, lock it into place and you’re good to go. You can use these ladders at full height, half the height or even three quarters of the height.

Telescopic ladder maintenance

It is important to carefully look after your ladder, to ensure that the safety features remain intact so that the ladder will last for many years to come. Keep your ladder clean, by wiping away any dirt with a clean, dry cloth after use. This will protect the aluminium frame and stop it from eroding.
If the tubes become damaged in any way, it’s important to test the ladders before using them at height.  


Telescopic ladder range from BuyDirect4U

Here at BuyDirect4U we have a great range of telescopic ladders, ranging from 2.6 meters to 3.8 meters high. Our range of telescopic ladders are all easy to store, have a safety locking mechanism and are all easy to extend. They have all been built to GPSD & EN131-1, EN131-2, and EN131-1 standards. We also have a handy canvas carry bag, perfect for transporting your ladder. This practical bag features a long adjustable shoulder strap and rubber grip, for easy maneuvering.

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BuyDirect4U’s top ladder pick

Our 3.8m telescopic ladder is one of the bestselling ladders on the market. It is lightweight, durable and compact for easy storage and transportation. A highly versatile product, this telescopic ladder is perfect for both domestic and trade use.

These telescopic ladders have the following features:

  • Easy to store and transport
  • 13 rungs
  • Ideal for use as a loft ladder
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use
  • Indicators that show that the rungs are safely engaged
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Quick & easy to extend