The History behind the design of French Louis VX furniture

Our French Louis VX inspired chairs are available in a variety of patterns including a cream vintage pattern and a gorgeous cream striped pattern. The Louis VX chair can be recognised by its beautiful curved design and smooth intricate details, when looking at this type of furniture you will observe that they symbolise romance, love and sensuality. Louis VX was the great grandson of the well know King Louis XIV, he was the King of France from 1715 to 1774. Though a furniture style was named after him, Louis VX wasn’t a popular king among the people of France. Through this period of history the elegant Louis VX furniture pieces were created, this was thought of as a symbol of the people’s determination and perseverance under the disliked ruler.

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The French Louis VX chair makes a great addition as a stand-alone item in any bedroom, kitchen, lounge, hallway or dining.

Vintage French Louis VX Style Ornate Chairs with Shabby Chic drawer unit


Vintage French Louis VX Style Ornate Patterned Chairs