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Our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, Christmas is just around the corner! It’s never too early to get a head start on buying the coolest gifts for all of your friends and family.
There’s nothing worse than feeling under pressure, whilst people are constantly posting the daily countdown to Christmas on social media (the stress is real!). With so many different products available, it’s a nightmare searching through the web when you have no idea what you’re even looking for. That’s where here at Buydirect4u we can help give you some inspiration. We’ve searched high and low through our latest ranges and categories, to present our top 10 gifts for Christmas 2016. As a result, we’ve uncovered the bestselling toys and gifts, at the very best prices. Whether it’s for a fussy brother or for a loving grandparent, we’re sure that we’ve found at least one present that they will love. Save time searching and check out which products we think will make this Christmas, a great one to remember!


Ranked in at number 1 is our brand new electric powered three-wheeled trike. Set to be the most wanted gift on wheels this Christmas – Perfect for mini thrill-seekers!
With no pedalling required, this three-wheeler promises a thrilling ride at the touch of a button, reaching speeds of up to 9mph and boasting the ability to complete 360 degree turns thanks to its stabilising rear caster wheels. With lights at the front and flashing lights at the wheel this trike will be seen as the coolest toy on the market this year. Balance boards are so last year! Now it’s all about the drift trike!


Ideal for kids (or big kids) wanting something a little different this year then it has to be this transforming remote control robot car, which offers two toys in one. The car is easy to manoeuvre and has flashing blue headlights when in motion and at the touch of a button can quickly transform into a robot. This is a toy that will provide hours of fun and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Available in black, red and yellow.

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The perfect toy for any child that loves outdoor adventures, this exciting remote control drone has a built in camera, to capture fantastic aerial shots. Featuring a 6 axis gyroscope, the drone can easily be flown in any direction and can be rotated 360 degrees. Simple to use, the drone can be controlled up to 80 metres away. A perfect gift for any youngster that loves flying and want to perfect their flying skills.

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Let your kids cruise around and feel like a real grown up on this sleek red Ferrari, which is finished in a classic red colour. This electric ride on toy is radio controlled and battery operated, ideal for both the younger and older child. Designed like a genuine Ferrari, this stylish car has lifting wing doors, built in engine sounds with a unique MP3 speaker system and a high quality leather seat. It’s a mini version of the real thing – minus the price tag! This striking Ferrari will leave your child being the envy of all of their friends.

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Kids can make real noise and learn about musical instruments with this digital drum kit, which also features a built-in keyboard and the ability to record and playback their own songs. This colourful kit comes complete with a stool, bass dumb, pedal, cymbal and two side drums, so kids can work on their rhythm and melody at the same time. Finished in bright colours, this drum kit will provide hours of fun for any budding musician. The perfect gift to introduce your child to the word of music, rhythm and sound.

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Why buy one games table when you can buy 4-in-1? This multi sports games table is sleek in design and you can easily switch between playing table football, table tennis, push hockey or a game of pool. This table is perfect for entertaining the whole family and will provide you with hours of fun, especially on a rainy day! With the cues, strikers, and bats all included, it’s quick and easy to set up.

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Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a fine selection of quality food and drink on Christmas day? Suitable for all family members, this gorgeous wicker picnic basket can easily be transformed into a handmade Christmas hamper. You can get creative and made your own unique handmade gift. With a choice of many traditional basket designs, you can really bring your hampers to life and create gifts that stand out. By adding some simple accessories, like ribbon and straw around the basket, you can create an exquisite hamper, fit for Santa himself!

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For fast paced fun on Christmas morning, it has to be this air hockey table. Sure to be top of older children’s Christmas wish list, this classic arcade game is the speedy way to put your air hockey skills to the test. Promising fun for all of the family, simply plug in the table, get the air blowing and get ready for a series of competitive air hockey tournaments.

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Ideal as a small gift, these penny skateboards take their inspiration from the classic 1970’s skateboards. Perfect for both boys and girls, these mini skateboards are compact and easy to carry. Due to their small size the skateboard is great for cutting around tight corners and cruising around on. It’s surprisingly easy to pull off a wide range of tricks and before long your child will be a skateboarding pro! Available in 10 eye-catching and vibrant colours, your child will be the envy of all of the school playground.

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Kids can be King or Queen of their own castle, with this fun play tent. It simply pops up in a few simple steps. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor play, this tent makes the perfect den and features turrets on the roof and a stone printed exterior. Complete with lit torches and a bubbling cauldron, this tent will provide hours of fun, as your little one plays in their own little castle hideaway. Available in a dungeon and princess style.

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With fast and free home UK Mainland delivery, you can stock up on all the gifts you need with no extra cost and without even having to leave the warmth of your house. If you still haven’t found anything suitable don’t panic as you can still view our complete Christmas shop HERE full to the brim with even more gift ideas.

*Prices stated on the products listed in this post may vary due to the date of publication.