Transformer Reviews!

This year for Christmas we’ve had some great products but our transforming remote control car has been a best seller! “A hart of the munchkin patch” and youtuber “MG Tracey” are the latest to get hold of this awesome toy to give a review.

Whilst ‘A hart of the Munchkin Patch’ has some great things to say about our techy transformer car, Youtube blogger ‘MG Tracey’ performed an unboxing and crash test!




Here’s what A hart of the Munchkin Patch had to say –

“Another wonderful gift idea. This one is from Buydirect4u. A company that started small and once only had a presence on eBay, Buydirect4u has grown into an internationally recognised brand, supplying their goods to 31 countries. To bring products that are unique and exciting, the company sources goods from manufacturers from all around the globe to ensure these items are easily accessible at low prices to its customer. Take a look at their website at some of the products they offer, and you will see there will be something for everyone in the family … even the pet! Home and garden, to the playroom and the garden shed, there is a huge variety of lovely gift ideas!”

MG Tracey gave us an unboxing video review! Watch here to see how impressed she was –



What fun tech loving child wouldn’t love to find this under the tree on Christmas morning? In fact, this could be one for the big kids too (I’m talking about the one you’re possibly married to, by the way …!) The RS X Man Transformer 2 in 1 Rastar Remote Control Toy,  looks like so much fun and for only £29.99! Available in yellow, black or red, it transforms from a robot to a sports car and back again at the touch of a button. When in car mode, the remote control can move it forwards, backwards and can steer it left and right. To give the impression of reality, when the car is in motion, the headlights switch on and the brake lights can be controlled too. Suitable for use both indoors and out, I think the whole family will have fun with this one! Buy now here!