Two Thirsty Gardeners – Where’s yer tool?

Two Thirsty Gardeners recently reviewed our National Trust garden tool range, here’s what they had to say about it…

Tool alert!
Word has reached our ears that the nation’s favourite outdoor charity, the National Trust, have teamed up with Loughborough-based toolmakers Charles Bentley & Son to produce a range of over 30 quality gardening products, to be sold in selected garden centres, stores and National Trust shops.

Bentley are no greenhorns when it comes to knocking out sturdy work implements… the 155 year old company started out providing brushes for Victorian chimney sweeps. Business presumably took off when the sending of children up chimney stacks with bristly hats was deemed a tad unreasonable.

We managed to get our filthy mitts on a stainless steel soil rake and a potting scoop, and very nice they are too. We can attest that both feel well balanced and solid, and thumbs up for their traditionally styled, hand-crafted aesthetic. I have already enlisted the help of the scoop to pot some chilli plants* whilst Nick is looking forward to setting the rake loose on his weed-sullied brassica bed.

The National Trust Bentley tool collection features (as you would expect) a fine array of brushes and scrubbers alongside some of the more traditional garden implements – from trowels to planters, forks to rakes.

You can purchase yours at participating National trust/ garden centres or you can order online here…

* The same scoop will undoubtedly be used to scoop the wilted seedlings into the bin.

[Article Source: Two Thirsty Gardeners]