What do you want to be when you grow up..?

Whether it’s a chef, cleaner, builder, engineer, make-up artist, mechanic, doctor or shop assistant, BuyDirect4U have all the pretend play sets your child could want as you never know which direction they may want to take in life!

These creative play sets provide a playful way to practise adult skills and encourages learning, creativity as well as building social skills. All of our imaginative play sets are under £25 making them ideal gifts for birthdays or Christmas.

We have a wide range of cookery and kitchen sets for budding young chefs with no mess for parents to clean up.  We have smaller pretend food toys as well as entire kitchens in our range of cooking toys to help them understand how to cook a meal.


Let your child’s imagination run wild with our shopping sets, who doesn’t love shopping? We have pretend food to buy, shopping tills and a supermarket complete set with display shelves for items as well as a till and shopping trolley, perfect when playing with friends.


BuyDirect4U have dolls as well as accessories for your child’s doll such as rocking chairs, high chairs, bath time stations and cribs which help to encourage pretend play.


Other toys based on real life are construction toys, if you child is interested in building then these toys will help to develop problem solving skills and creativity.


Does your child want to be a make-up artist when they’re older? We have a variety of pretty pink dressing tables.


Our cleaning toys will provide hours of entertainment, they probably won’t find doing the chores as boring as when they grow up!